Why Use Roller Shades For Your Home?

If you are thinking about getting your home decor updated then Roller Shades are a great option to consider. No seriously, Roller Shades infuses any room with a modern touch (these are not your Grannies shades!) and a unique feel. Due to the vast array of options in fabrics, colors and designs, Roller Shades can make a room come alive and can also have a significant impact on a person’s mood. They are attractive and very functional at the same time. A lot of our clients in Tallahassee decide on Roller Shades because of the look but they also enjoy that they protect the home from sunlight ensuring that the furniture does not get damaged by UV rays.


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Here are the top reasons to invest in Roller Shades for your home:

Managing sunlight and the heat associated with it – People in Tallahassee like to have sun lit rooms during the day because it uplifts their mood and provides light. Roller Shades make it easier for people to get proper sunlight while managing heat and privacy at the same time. Shades are customized to the interior décor providing the perfect solution for any room in the home. Many of the fabrics even allow you to see outside, control light and heat and provide great privacy all the while adding a touch of class.

Flexible – Roller Shades are flexible as there is a wide range of fabric choices. If you want protection from UV rays or sun glare, the Shades with the right fabric can help with that. For people who like to keep things private or dark, like in a bedroom, there are different fabrics available to block any light from entering completely.

Fashion Design – There are numerous designs available when it comes to Roller Shades, they are all customizable to fit your décor, taste, and budget. Designs include solid colors, floral prints, geometric, stripes and classic patterns. When the shades are in the closed position, you can enjoy those beautiful pattern choices you made.

Easy to use – Roller Shades are extremely easy to use. The control system choices are beaded chain, cordless or motorized options. The manually operated options are great and easy to use but the motorized shades are what grab people’s attention and extremely easy. If there are kids in the house or the windows are in a hard-to-reach area, it is best to select the motorized option.

Easy to maintain and long-lasting – Roller Shades are easy to clean because they do not gather dust like traditional blinds do. Typically, a gentle vacuuming using the upholstery attached every 6 months is all that is needed. Due to the design and manufacture of Roller Shades they enjoy great longevity and with the limited life-time warranty that comes with them you have almost nothing to worry too about!

Cost-effective option – It is an affordable option and one of the most versatile and popular ones to choose. Roller Shades are less expensive compared to other window treatments and offer a great look to any home. Roller Shades typically use less fabric which allows the window treatment to be priced affordably.